Web Development Overview

Creating web applications in a programming language, is known as web development. Examples of such web development sites are eBay and Twitter and many other e-commerce sites. Web development is not hard but it is very easy for beginners. The course of web development is a type of instant and fast learning subject.


There are originally two types of web development services. One is front end web development and the other is back end web development for client-side web development and server-side web development respectively. The interaction of design, colors to a person to a website when loading it is generally known as front web development. Examples of such languages with front end development languages are HTML or CSS.


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a type of language which marks up your text and coding to make a website. Every web page of the world is developed with HTML.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. In this language, the style and designs of a website are constructed. CSS usually works with the superficial side of the web. It is also used to change markup text into a website. It is originally for explaining presentation on a website.


To provide interaction and functions to use javascript language is used as a scripting language. It is generally a high-level language that is specified in script coding. It is the language which contains syntax and high-class accessibility.

Back End Web Development

You can consider this language as a deep web language because it calculates the functions behind the screen of the website. There is a different type of back end development languages used for coding and web development. Some of the most commonly used back end development languages are PHP, Pearl, Java, and Python. As there are so many different types of web development languages now there is a question on how to learn them.

How to Learn Web Development

The most common way to learn web languages is to take a course at your local university. However, they can be expensive and not everyone can learn them but there are a lot of courses available on the internet such as YouTube to learn programming languages with ease. The most common website for learning web development is Treehouse which is the most trusted and verified websites to learn courses of web development.